Not only can Volunteering be a rewarding thing to do, it can also build up your own confidence and skill set to help you get into the workplace. A lot of people also Volunteer because they want to give back to their local community or for the social factors that come with volunteering for an organisation.


Total No. of Hub Volunteers in a variety of roles


No. of people helped by the Hubs to become Volunteers since April 2019


No. of Voluntary Organisations that make up the Solihull First Partnership

The Solihull Community Advice Hubs have a range of volunteering opportunities available. Check our Volunteer page for more info.
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Do-it.org is an online resource which helps people to get into Volunteering in their local area. They can also support local voluntary organisations and small community groups to find advertise their volunteering opportunities.
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Sometimes hearing from people who have done it can help you make your decision to become a Volunteer. We have put together some brief Case Studies from Volunteers who volunteer for a variety of different organisations and groups.
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