Services Available at the Community Advice Hubs

The Solihull Community Advice Hubs host a wide range of services to meet your needs including a wide range of Specialists and Partners that are available to you.

The Solihull Community Advice Hubs have highly trained staff who will support you to find the information and support you need across both North and South Solihull locations. They include Specialists and Complex Caseworkers that cover a wide range of subjects and issues. Not only are the Hub Team available to you, the Solihull Community Advice Hubs are committed to working with other local organisations and local voluntary organisations who provide high quality Information, advice and support services.

Listed below are some brief overviews about the services available to you.

Specialist & Complex Caseworkers

The Solihull Community Advice Hubs have the following Specialists and Caseworkers available:

  • Benefits Caseworkers – Older People’s Benefits, Working Age Benefits and Physical and Mental Health Benefits
  • Debt Caseworkers
  • Energy Specialists – as part of the Winter Warmth Service
  • Direct Payments Caseworkers
  • Complex Caseworker – Housing, Employment, Legal Specialism
  • Complex Caseworker – Domestic Violence, Safeguarding, Police Referrals

Each member of the Solihull Community Advice Hubs are also classed as a Hub Champion with a specialist area of knowledge. These areas are listed within the ‘What can I get help with?’ section.

Weekly Drop Ins and Appointment Based Services

The tables below show each of the services that are available at each of the Solihull Community Advice Hubs. The tables show whether the services available are by appointment only or whether you can just drop in on the day. Where the services are by appointment only, please Contact Us to find out more or to book an appointment.

Services Available at the Central Solihull Hub – The Core, B91 3RG

Services Available at the North Solihull Hub – Chelmsley Wood Library, B37 5TN

Did you know?

If you have been a victim of hate crime you can report it at one of the Solihull Community Advice Hubs. You can do this confidentially and anonymously with one of our advisors or volunteers.

The Solihull Community Advice Hubs are registered Safe Places under the Safe Places Scheme. A safe place helps vulnerable people if they feel scared or at risk while they
are out and about in the community and need support right away.