Carers Assessments

Listed below are some FAQs regarding Carers Assessments. At the bottom of the page we have also included some useful factsheets which provide more information about Carers Assessments.

What is a Carers Assessment?
A Carers Assessment looks at the impact your caring role has on your life. It looks at practical and emotional impacts, whether you are able or willing to carry on caring and/or what support you may need as a Carer.
Who can have a Carers Assessment?
Anyone over the age of 18 can have a carers assessment. You can request one yourself or the Community Advice Hubs can refer you to the appropriate organisation to get one arranged for you.
Who will complete the Carers Assessment?
Solihull Carers Trust are commissioned by Solihull Council to carry out Carers Assessments on their behalf. You can request that Solihull Council carry out the assessment by calling 0121 704 8007.
Do I have to provide care for a specific number of hours to request an assessment?
No. You are entitled to a Carers Assessment, regardless of the amount of care that you provide.
Do I need to know what support I require before the assessment?
No. It is useful to make a note of things that you might like help with but the assessment is designed to encourage discussions about the type of support you may need.
Can I have someone with me during the assessment?
Yes. You can have a family member, friend or even the person you care for present during the assessment. It may also be appropriate for you to have an advocate. Solihull First for Advocacy are partners of the Community Advice Hubs and they may be able to support you.
What happens after the assessment?
You should receive the results of the assessment fairly soon after the assessment has taken place. If you qualify for support then a Support Plan will be designed. This will include what the support you will receive looks like and how it will be paid for.
What if I don't qualify for support?
If you don’t qualify for support then you will usually be given details of local organisations who can provide you with further information. The Community Advice Hubs can help you to find further information if you need it.

Support from Partners

Partners that can support you with Carers Assessments and the associated processes are listed here. Click on their logo to be taken to their website.

Useful Links & Downloads

Listed here are links, factsheets and guides to give you more information about Carers Assessments

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